25Jul, 2017

‘Popping’ to the Pop-Up Shop

Almost a third of new businesses launched in the UK over the next two years will start life as a ‘pop-up’ shop. The latest iterations of pop-up retail include elaborate displays, high-end signage, sophisticated POS systems, and interactive experiences.

What started as a trend has now become a strategy. The ‘pop-up shop’ is a hub of marketing potential for both established retail giants and new start-ups. They are an opportunity for retailers to gain valuable insights from their target consumers, while generating a buzz around their brand.

Virocom partnering with Cradlepoint enables retails customers to deploy Pop-Up shops with secure connectivity within one working week!

To find out more please call the Virocom team on 020 346 39004 or alternatively download a white paper to learn more about pop-up retail and instant networks, and how innovative merchandising is being driven by flexible, dependable, secure connectivity.


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