22Oct, 2018
cyber security

Invest in Cyber Security and Eliminate Business Loss

The retail sector is on the tip of transformation with improvements in the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, cloud, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) security. Consumers are becoming increasingly connected as new sales platforms and marketing techniques flood the industry.

Retailers now store more consumer data than ever before across an increasing range of digital platforms, providing cyber-criminals with more data to target and more doorways to access them. As retailers invest in technology to collect and exploit new and existing customer data, there is a corresponding rise in the need for them to navigate the regulatory issues unique to this technology and to maintain effective systems and controls to ensure the security of the collected data.

With the emergence of the Internet of Things and the development of ‘smart’ devices, anything and everything from mobile phones to televisions are now ‘online’. This greater connectivity has led to consumers demanding faster access to a wider variety of products and has provided retailers with the opportunity to offer new sales platforms and more targeted marketing strategies.

Cyber-criminals target weaknesses in the inter-connectivity of these networks, with a defect in one device providing a portal to the others. Data breaches are complex affairs, often involving a mixture of human factors, hardware devices, exploited configurations or malicious software.

As retailers take advantage of mobile, cloud, social and other technical trends to connect with customers and drive market share of the digital wallet, several competing forces come into play: the need to innovate quickly, decrease IT complexity and deliver an incomparable customer experience – all while providing the airtight security and digital privacy that customers expect.

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