Dedicated Internet Access

Business Internet underpins applications and communications for organisations today.

Uninterrupted connectivity and high-bandwidth – 2Mbps to 100 Gbps – is a key requirement for Virocom’s Business Internet customers – with no disruption from consumer peaks in traffic.

File sizes are now much bigger — you would struggle to send them by email. So fast, reliable transfer to and from the Office 365 file store via our Virocom’s DIA service makes a big difference

The service we provide
Delivers a business-grade, end-to-end fibre from your premises all the way to our carrier-class Layer 2 VPLS 100GigE Network. and leading edge Internet gateways. We have invested more than 10 years R&D and continuous service innovation to ensure our customers’ mission critical applications and services are served by the fastest and most advanced Internet service in the UK.

Virocom internet VLAN offers:

  • Multiple services down one pipe – converge your data, Voice, video and applications traffic on one pipe. From Internet, SIP, Cloud, Applications etc.
  • Variable bandwidth – switch bandwidth up or down daily to cope with projected peaks and troughs in demand.
  • The clever part is that if you don’t need the entire capacity of your connection for Internet, you can split the circuit using secure VLANs and use it to deliver other services and applications, thus reducing infrastructure costs.
  • Consolidating services across one connection means you get a flatter and easier-to-manage Network.

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