DoS Protection

DoS and DDoS cyber attacks could block your organisation’s legitimate traffic or crash your entire network. Virocom offers easy-to-implement protection.

Attacked sites are usually compromised and unable to provide service to legitimate users. And it’s not just your website at risk. A DoS attack could hit your entire private network too.

There are currently more than 2.5 million attacks every year and attacks over 20Gbps have become more common. Virocom’s DoS Protection service can safeguard your firm’s revenue and reputation.

What exactly is a DoS attack?

A common form of DoS attack sends heavy amounts of useless traffic to a specific location on a network with the intention of blocking legitimate traffic or crashing the entire network. Websites are usually attacked using an overwhelming amount of requests focused on a specific application.

Using local firewalls to mitigate DoS attacks is not effective. The reason is that by the time traffic has hit the local firewall and is being discarded, it has already flooded the connection and is blocking any legitimate traffic from reaching the firewall.

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a form of DoS attack that uses numerous devices and Internet connections, often dispersed into a botnet. A DDoS attack is more difficult to thwart as the target is inundated with requests from so many sources.

Many DoS attacks, for example Teardrop and Ping of Death attacks, capitalise on weaknesses in the TCP/IP protocols. In a similar way that new viruses are constantly being created by hackers, new types of DoS attacks are always emerging. Motivation includes competitive damage and blackmail.

Benefits of DDoS Protection

Threats stopped in cloud

Local firewalls aren’t sufficient protection. Virocom’s protection filters your traffic in the core of our network, before it hits the bottleneck of your own connection.

Affordable pricing

Setup is free. Just pay a modest subscription and a usage-based fee if the scrubbing service is invoked.

24/7 monitoring

Virocom’s DoS Protection service complements the proactive, 24/7 monitoring service that we provide for our customers’ networks

Protect revenue & reputation

Downtime is as frustrating for customers as it is costly for businesses. Protect your firm against this damage.

No Hardware

There’s no hardware to buy or configure, as our DoS Protection service is cloud-based.

Normal traffic unaffected

When scrubbing attack traffic, we pass your clean traffic through to your network, keeping you online even when under attack.

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