Hosted Sharepoint

Hosted SharePoint unlocks the potential for truly productive collaboration. Share documents and data, manage multiple projects – all on one secure online platform.

Teams can work together more effectively, wherever they are, with remote access from any device.

Hosted SharePoint service is a powerful, multi-purpose tool designed to cater for web requirements for most organisations. A fully managed and secure platform, the software has a Microsoft Office like interface and tight integration with the current Office suite offerings.

For organisations that have already deployed Microsoft based solutions for day-to-day workings then SharePoint makes sense as a collaboration and content platform. This service is ideal if you have a disparate or mobile workforce who needs access to business critical files, or for teams that need a central point to collaborate on projects.

With almost unlimited customisation options SharePoint is a powerful productivity tool.

Use together with our Lync and Hosted Exchange services to enable a complete collaboration solution throughout your organisation

Improved Collaboration

Allow your teams to communicate more effectively and work together through dedicated team workspaces; co-ordinate calendars, organise documents and send and receive group updates and activate alerts. Instantly share knowledge throughout your organisation by creating fully featured intranet sites; ideal for company-wide announcements, HR resources, blogs and staff training programmes. Extend the reach of your communications to your customers, suppliers and distributors through secure extranet sites.

Centralised Content and Document Management

Host your team and project emails and documents in one place. SharePoint’s powerful administration console allows complete control of your content from unique folder structures to individual access permissions.

With the enhanced document management capabilities, including the option to activate document-checkout before editing, the ability to view revisions to documents and restore previous versions, and the control to set document item level security, hosted SharePoint can help ensure the integrity of documents stored at various sites.

Manage Multiple Projects

Create project areas under your main team sites that provide real-time status views and allow you to organise people and tasks. Seamlessly synchronise with MS Project Pro to make managing your projects as easy and efficient is possible.
Sophisticated Controls for Securing Company Resources

IT departments can now set permissions at document or item level, and managers, teams, and other work groups can initiate self-service collaborative workspaces and tasks within preset parameters.

Access Continuity

Securely access your documents and team sites from anywhere with an Internet connection via web browser. Customisable push notifications keep you up to date of any changes and offline syncing allows you to continue working when a network connection is not available.


Fully managed services from the outset
Daily backups to protect your data
Automate time-intensive manual tasks to streamline work processes
Voicemail any time, any place using mp3 attachments
Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection
You’re up and running with a guaranteed 99.5% SLA and 24/7 support
Adjust staffing levels based on call activity
Identify incoming call sources in real-time to understand the context
Weekly reports delivered direct to your inbox

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