Customer Innovation Centre

Imagine having access to a creative and dynamic space where the best of your company's services and technologies are permanently on display along with innovative technologies from complementary vendors. We believe that the real power is in being part of a portfolio of multiple innovative technologies that clients can see together.

We demonstrate new solutions working within live environments and hear innovative and technological inspiring talks from the best thought leaders in the industry about the challenges faced, and the solutions created to combat the ever-changing technological landscape.

We are proud to be part of the Customer Innovation Centre, and since opening in May, we have been able to showcase the power of Ascension Cloud, it’s capabilities and how it is enabling companies to take control of their assets, services and overcome resource challenges so that they can get on with the real challenges of growing their businesses.

Since being open in May 2018, our Innovation Centre won the Southwark Business Award 2018 for Tech and Innovation

If you are interested in using or being apart of this space, please email Marketing so we can point you in the right direction.

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