Mobile Voice Recording (MVR)

Mobile voice and SMS recording enables your business to record inbound and outbound calls, together with SMS communications, wherever your workers are.

MFIID Compliant Mobile SIM MVR is the most popular mobile call recording compliance product in the world. Because it’s a SIM, users aren’t even aware of its presence, making it really easy to use. Recordings are stored on cloud servers for simple access worldwide.

When combined with our Mobile Management solution, it can be used to enhance your entire mobile estate. Another important feature is the monthly reporting function, which is invaluable for compliance reporting and highlighting cost savings.

Benefits are as follows:

  1. Compliant – supports training, governance and improves productivity
  2. It has multiple recording, storage and retrieval options
  3. It’s secure, with optional security settings that can be customised and exceed current compliance standards
  4. Advanced encryption makes sure only nominated individuals can access them

It also integrates seamlessly with existing systems

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