SIP Trunks

SIP trunking offers businesses a more flexible, resilient, scalable and cost efficient way to connect PBXs to the voice network

Virocom’s SIP trunking service does more than just provide basic voice. Using our advanced Voice Services Platform and resilient core Network we provide high quality voice calls and additional resilien

Why Choose Virocom?

Virocom’s SIP Trunking service is delivered from our carrier grade Voice Services Platform and resilient core Network which together eliminate the effects of jitter, latency and packet loss to provide high quality voice calls. Virocom’s advanced core network enables SIP-Trunking to be securely delivered over a multi-service connection thereby reducing Network and service deployment costs.

It is possible to add following features not available with ‘dial-tone only’ SIP Trunking as follows:
DDI Divert automatically diverts incoming calls to individual DDI (Direct Dial In) numbers to alternative destinations in the event of PBX or circuit failure or overflow.
Resilient SIP Channel provides two separate connections from the Voice Services Platform to two PBXs in the same cluster and distributes inbound calls to the PBXs using ‘round robin’ or ‘active / standby’ rules.

Call Queueing uses an Auto-Attendant function on the Voice Services Platform to automatically greet, queue and direct calls to an appropriate destination based on user input.

PBX Interoperability

Virocom SIP Trunks Interwork with PBXs from the following suppliers. Contact us for more details.

SIP Trunking Benefits

High quality voice calls

Vital for any voice service, voice quality is maintained by Virocom’s advanced core network that eliminates the effects of jitter, latency and packet.


Can quickly scale up and down to meet your changing business requirements.


Calls can be quickly re-routed when required, enabling your business to react to events.


Can be combined with additional resilience, load balancing, call queuing and disaster recovery features.


SIP trunks have a much lower cost per channel compared to typical ISDN30 links.


SIP calls benefit from Virocom’s resilient core network so they’re always there for you.

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