Telecoms Audit & Tariff Analysis

Telecoms Accountancy Software that gives businesses control over Contracts, Assets and Cost

Telecoms and IT are essential to every business, but also one of the most complex and constantly changing areas to manage if key information is lost / not visible to relevant stakeholders (i.e. in their employees / suppliers heads and or excel spread sheets).

This means that businesses are not able to receive the best value and service and implement appropriate changes accordingly unless they are in control.
Virocom’s bespoke software application, a centralised easy-to-use interface which imports key data (from both your Telecoms & IT) and displays information in an at a glance format.

Key Information such as:

  • Contracts
  • Inventory (telephone line, SIM card, WAN pipe)
  • Assets (phones, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, routers)
  • Invoices

Provide instant answers > Evoke questions > Encourage you to find the best deals

  • Where it is?
  • Who is using it?
  • How are we using it?
  • Why do we need it?
  • How could we use it better?
  • Benchmark new tariffs before you sign
  • Benchmark new technology before you sign


Communications, Asset and Expense Management tools are becoming the norm for large size corporations; either provided by the vendors who supply the connectivity or by third parties offering services to help drive savings in exchange for revenue share.

Virocom’s bespoke software platform, allows you to understand what is happening across your entire estate and take any savings to your P&L.
A simple “drag and drop” process to upload all your communication bills – Fixed, Mobile & WAN into a single analytics tool so that you can see exactly what is being spent, by whom and how; comparing departments, individuals and vendors.

The main efficiency drivers come from:

  • Ensuring you are billed in line with your agreement.
  • Making sure that staff use the best dial routes (free phone for conference calls rather than premium rates)
  • Aggregating costs to department level
  • Zero billing assets can be removed or tagged as critical lines
  • Building an RFP and benchmark at any time against industry offers
  • Ensure any re-negotiated rates are applied
  • Map trend lines for costs and assets
  • Track personal usage against business usage
  • Opportunities are highlighted to take advantage of the least cost route; we have received strong feedback in areas of high mobile usage as data consumption continues to grow at a rapid rate.
  • Often the biggest savings can be found by helping manage behavioural changes, mapping assets and costs to individual cost centres, rather than spreading the overall costs out evenly or holding them as a central cost line.


Why should your business use software to manage their Telecoms and IT Estate?
Every business needs accurate control and records to manage their business.
Do you have a single source of data for all your IT and Telecoms assets?
……. If the answer is no, then you could make significant savings from this.
Your business needs all this information to agree on a strategy for procurement and management of your IT and telecoms assets so that the best service and value is achieved to get the maximum return on investment from your telecom and IT Assets
Telecoms and IT is key to making every business work, but today the key information is:
on paper
in multiple excel spread sheets
in employees heads (if they are still in the same job)
in suppliers heads or billing systems
Everyone should have the KEY information at their fingertips in a central easy to access place to ensure CONTROL

Key Benefits

Control – having all the key information in one place and not in people’s heads or in excel sheets
Best value and service from your assets
Manage with facts – give your IT, procurement and finance teams the facts at their fingertips all the time
Accurate inventory (telephone line, SIM card, WAN pipe)
Accurate asset register (phones, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, routers)
Know what it costs
Where it is
Who is using it
How are we using it
Why we need it
Know your contracts
why did you choose this supplier 2/3 years ago
what are the terms
are there any special terms
who did the deal for us
who lead the deal on the suppliers side
what did we commit to
are there any penalties
when does the contract terminate
what is the cost to terminate early
Accurate profiling enables benchmarking of like for like offers and or new technology
Only buy and pay for what you need – not every 2/3 years to suit your suppliers
Cross check bills before you pay
Proactive supplier management – ensure your suppliers deliver what you sign for and all the time
Benchmarking – ensure it is still the right deal for your business
Reporting – aggregating costs to department level
Accurate VAT claims – know which calls are private and business
Make savings from assets not being used or required
Manage cultural and behavioural patterns on usage to reduce costs
Potential Savings
On average, the implementation of our software have saved businesses between 10% and 15% (not including contract renewals) in the 1st year and 5% to 10% (not including contract renewals) subsequent years

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