Daniel Scott

Telephone: 0203 589 6550
E-mail: daniel.scott@virocom.co.uk

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Daniel Scott is a strategic leader that co-founded Virocom in 2004. Being highly motivated, and with a broad business knowledge built from working in highly competitive markets within the IT and Telecommunications sectors, he has realised continual growth within the business communications industry.

These successes have been based on strong leadership backed by the ability to develop and drive strategies and clearly and concisely communicate to realise goals. Having experienced and seen technology evolve and dramatically change the business communications dynamism, has forced a culture of change from transactional business to partnership led collaborations for mutual success.

By his creative and adoptive nature, he has repeatedly researched rapid growth areas and the mechanisms needed to accommodate the challenges revolutionary technology brings.

And by embracing these challenges, Daniel along with his co-founder have been able to diversify and build a matrix of solutions, further expanding their business portfolio and their presence within multiple vertical markets.