Paul Bryon

Telephone: 0203 589 6554

Paul Bryon

Having started in sales and quickly moving into management, Paul Bryon understands that the development of people is critical to the growth and success of any organisation and this awareness is borne out of his experience of being a key player within large corporates and small privately-owned businesses.

Paul’s skillset allowed him to set up his own telecommunication business with an understanding of the corporate world enabling him to deal with vendors whilst managing to grow his business through his experience in the smaller business sector.

Merging his business with Virocom in 2007 further allowed Paul to apply his knowledge in dealing with the commercial aspects of a business – by running the finance divisions in Director roles at previous companies.

Paul’s current focus is on authorising the formalisation of operational and commercial budgets for innovative products aligned to the directive growth of Virocom, the customer and vendor synergy whilst maintaining his passion for staff development and progression.